Web and mobile software development in Auckland

Websites, Web Apps, HTML 5 and Javascript

Clearfield develops websites and web applications.

If you have one of the following, we can help you:

  • A new website to be built.
  • A website that needs a facelift.
  • An existing website that would benefit from being loaded into a Content Management System.
  • A website that needs to be modernised or made mobile-friendly.
  • A website that needs some custom-built interactive components to sell products or add some sizzle.

Clearfield positions itself as a web developer. Think of us as builders, rather than interior designers. We see our place as constructing quality, robust, modern sites.

We tend to outsource our web design work to people we trust, or we'll take designs from your existing marketing & design agency and convert them to the assets we need to build your site. Once we have a design, we "realise" the site, building it in a Content Management System of your choice.

In addition, we also build Web Applications. We've built many website "extras" - product configurators, one-click shopping carts, wizards, product choosers, and infographic animations.

If you have a website, but require some Javascript to add "that extra something" to your site, we're there for you.

We also undertake building large business front ends in web technologies (such as AngularJS, Aurelia or React). More on that in our enterprise section.

Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems are one of the best website innovations ever.

In a CMS, you, the owner of the site, have the ability to update it as and when you wish. In the bad old days, you would have a website designer build your site, and you'd need to go back to them every time you needed a minor change made. With a CMS, paying a web designer to upload images or shuffle around copy is a thing of the past - you are the master of your own content.

CMS systems allow huge advantages. In addition to the obvious benefit of being cheaper long term, CMS's have myriad technical advantages: they enforce security (so only authorized people can edit your stuff); they include facilities for mailing lists and signups; they allow hosting promotions and competitions; you can have members-only areas with Social Media logins and site search is made simple.

We almost never build a website without some sort of CMS. There are a wide range of Content Management Systems available, and we'll help you choose one. We've worked with a variety of CMSs - from the small, lightweight and simple through to immense, multi-lingual, comprehensive, all-singing , all-dancing installations.

If you have a site that is built in static HTML, we can convert it to a CMS. If you'd like to kill two birds with one stone, we can update the look and feel while we do it.

We are willing to work with almost any CMS on any platform. We have particular recent experience with:

1-3 years
3-5 years
5+ years
eZ PublisheZ Publish
Expression EngineExpression Engine

We can host your site for you, if you wish. We also have capability to handle your domain name registration (DNS), hosting, backups, security updates and support. More on that in our hosting section.

Website Reskin

Sites get stale. After a couple of years, everyone gets sick of looking at the same pages, and it's time for a refresh.

We often get involved when that time comes. If you have a site that is working and fully loaded, but just needs a facelift, call us. We can take your existing site and apply a fresh new skin to it.

Responsive & Adaptive Design

It's common for more users to visit your site on a mobile device - in fact, our big name sites attract mostly Android and iOS traffic.

With Google turning the screws and penalising desktop-only sites, it's more important than ever to make sure your site is mobile-friendly, tested and fully functional.

In many cases, we can take an existing design and make it mobile friendly, with no graphic redesign. Of course, if you'd like to refresh the whole site while making it mobile-friendly, we can do that too.

We take one of two approaches when mobilizing a site: responsive design and adaptive design:


Your site is carefully crafted with a design that scales to fit any device. You don't need a separate mobile site.


Sometimes, you do want a separate mobile site: maybe it's got extra features that only make sense on a mobile device, maybe the handheld version as has abbreviated content, or maybe it really does have a very different look and feel. We can help.

Sparkle, Sizzle and Gee-Whiz Javascript

Make your pages less boring with some interactivity. We can help you go beyond a simple site and build Javascript pages that allow for almost anything you can imagine.

We've done interactive charts, wizards, product choosers and even whole online furniture design systems that run in the Web Browser.

Mobile Apps

We develop for iPhone, iPad and Android. Sometimes these apps go along with a website, sometimes they just talk to one of our sites, and sometimes they're not website-related at all.

1-3 years
3-5 years
5+ years

More in our mobile apps section...

We're ready to help you with your next project. Please get in touch.