Professional Web Hosting in Auckland. Fast, stable and professionally run.

Our server or yours. Administered, monitored, backed up and running smoothly.

Clearfield hosts and serves more than 750 websites. Our data centre gives you a fast 500 megabit pipe, regular backups, support and a wide range of options for hosting your website or server.

We can offer you hosting on our Linux servers, your own machines, Windows boxes or cloud-based hosting. We run servers both in Auckland and overseas.

As a matter of course, we back up everything off-site, every day. For extra peace of mind, we can offer:

  • optional 24/7 phone support.
  • warm or hot standby systems.
  • load testing and load balancing.

In addition to our hosting, we also offer a range of related technical services:

  • DNS registration. We're a DNS registrar. We can secure your domain names for you or transfer them to/from other hosting providers.
  • SSL Certificates. If your site requires security, we can purchase and set up the certificates for you.
  • Reporting. Reports to indicate how well your site is doing, and how much traffic you're using.

In addition to web hosting, we also offer:

  • Mail hosting.
  • DNS hosting.
  • Database hosting.
  • VPN services.

Web hosting

We host Content Management Systems, static sites, LAMP sites, Java enterprise servers, Java Microservices, ESBs, and Python/Perl based scripts. We host in Linux and Windows, with your choice of database(s).

If your site requires, we can set up Varnish caching to make the performance really fly.

Peace of Mind

We back up everything off-site, every day. You can also elect to take our 24/7 phone support.

We also offer clustering, replication and failover. If you wish, we will set up hot and warm standby machines, to step in if your primary servers go down.

During production, we use Nagios to track how your site is doing and send alerts to our support team if things start to look unhealthy.

During development or deployment we can offer load testing with Apache JMeter to ensure your site will stay up if it goes viral and gets super-popular.

Database hosting

With or without a website, we can offer hosting and secure access to the following Relational Database Management Systems:

  • IBM DB2
  • Oracle
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MySQL / Maria / Percona
  • PostgreSQL

Technical services

AWS/Cloud System Administration

If your site is in the cloud, but you still need a Linux guru to make sure it's set up correctly, tuned and supported, we have administrators that can help.

Security Checks and Audits

We do penetration testing, code review and independent security audits.

WebSphere Server Administration

IBM WebSphere and IBM MQ Series are old friends. We have a ton of experience in managing these products.

We're ready to help you with your next project. Please get in touch.